We at Mirfield Health Centre are happy to help and support all carers. If you would like any support or advice from the surgery please contact our reception team and ask for an appointment with our social prescriber who can help you with many aspects of caring. We understand you may not be able to leave your loved one so telephone appointment are available if you prefer – just tell our reception team if you would prefer face to face or a telephone appointment.

You may find the links and information below helpful.

Can Carers Count Help You?

Carers Count is a new service for any adult in Kirklees who gives, or has given, time and energy, without being paid, to look after an adult family member or friend who can not manage on their own.

At Carers Count we recognise that being a Carer can impact your day to day life significantly, including, emotionally (it can be both rewarding and isolating), financially (you may be unable to work)and physically (your own health can suffer as a result).

Carers Count has been set up to promote the wellbeing of carers so they can continue in their caring role and have a life of their own by;

  • Providing quality advice and information.
  • Running groups, activities and sessions.
  • Providing support and helping carers to support each other.
  • Helping carers have a voice and be heard through the Advocacy service and the Carers Network.
  • Providing training.
  • Helping to raise awareness of carers rights and issues to the wider public.

Any Carer contacting and using the service can expect;

  • To be listened to and taken seriously.
  • To be treated with respect.
  • To be supported in a way that meets their individual needs.

If you are or have been a Carer and would like to gain support from our service or advice and information please get in touch. This website offers links to current information which may affect you as a Carer and information on events and services that Carers Count provides.

We also have a Facebook page which we would love for you to ‘like’ to gain access to the current updates at