Practice Policy

Practice Charter

This charter has been developed by the practice to benefit our patients. The doctors in the practice wish to state the minimum standard of care all patients registered at the health centre can expect and also state the patient’s responsibility.

Our Responsibility To You

  1. A caring, professional attitude by all doctors and staff at the health centre.
  2. Full confidentiality in respect of all aspects of your medical history.
  3. A home visit from a doctor if, because of illness or disability, a patient is unable to come to the surgery.
  4. Appropriate medication or advice for all medical conditions.
  5. Referral to a consultant if the doctor considers it necessary and for a second opinion if considered desirable.
  6. An explanation of a patient’s illness, treatment and as far as possible the likely outcome.
  7. Access to medical records under the terms of the Data Protection Act 1998.
  8. The results of any medical tests to be made available as soon as possible – the patient to be notified by a member of the practice staff of any abnormal results of major significance.
  9. The offer of health promotion services aimed at promoting good health.
  10. Prompt attention to complaints patients may make with regard to any aspect of the practice.
  11. Repeat prescriptions to be available within 48 hours of the repeat list being received at the health centre.
  12. Facilities to be made available for patients with disabilities.
  13. The commitment of the doctors and nurses to continuing medication education so that they keep abreast of recent advances in patient care.
  14. Attention is given to any suggestions made for improved patient services at the health centre. The practice manager will ensure that these are dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Your Responsibility To Us

  1. Attending appointments on time and giving notice if you wish to cancel.
  2. Making one appointment for one problem – multiple consultations during a single appointment do not allow the good practice.
  3. Attending the surgery for medical attention if at all possible. Home visits are meant for patients who are too ill or disabled to come to the surgery.
  4. Contacting the surgery personally for results of laboratory tests or x-rays results etc.
  5. Informing us of any change of name, address or telephone number.
  6. Please try to keep your telephone calls brief and avoid calling between 8.30 and 11.00 am for non-urgent matters.
  7. Please remember it is not the receptionist’s fault if the doctor is delayed. Next time it could be you that needs extra consultation time.
  8. Please ensure mobile phones are switched off when you are in the health centre.
  9. We ask that you treat doctors and practice staff with courtesy and respect. Doctors have the right to ask for patients to be removed from their list.

Comments & Complaints

The doctors would be very pleased to receive any comments from patients on the service they provide. A suggestion box is available in the waiting room. Should anyone have a complaint then please ask to speak to the practice manager. A leaflet is available giving more details of the complaints procedure.


We have a confidentiality policy to which all members of staff adhere to. Anything you discuss with any member of this practice – doctor, nurse, receptionist – will remain confidential.