Car Park – 18th & 19th December

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We are writing in response to the distress and anxiety caused by the recent parking fines that were issued due to a technical error on the 18th and 19th of December. We would like to express our sincerest apologies for any inconvenience and frustration this error may have caused.

Please be assured that the technical error has been promptly addressed and rectified, any fines issued during the time the tablet was out of service have been automatically cancelled and/or refunded. CPM will be sending letters to all affected vehicles to confirm this. We have received assurances from the parking management company that measures have been put in place to prevent such issues from occurring in the future. We understand the importance of providing a stress-free experience for our patients, and we are committed to ensuring that similar incidents will not happen again.

The parking management system was implemented to address the misuse of parking facilities by individuals who were not seeking medical attention at our surgery. Since its implementation, we have observed a significant increase in parking availability for our patients, as the system has discouraged non-patients from utilizing the parking facilities for unrelated purposes. This has been instrumental in ensuring that our patients have easier access to the medical care they require.

It is important to note that the practice does not benefit financially from the fines imposed, and we have no interest in generating revenue through this means. Our primary focus is the well-being and convenience of our patients, and we are continuously striving to enhance the overall experience at our facility.

Once again, we sincerely apologise for any distress caused by the parking fines. We value your understanding and ongoing support as we work to provide the best possible care for our patients.

If you have been affected by the fines on these dates and encounter any problems with getting fines cancelled or refunded, please do not hesitate to contact us. We thank you for your understanding.